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[Tuesday night]

*enters the Aerie with a bit of a bounce in his step, then raps softly on Slingshot's door, his voice quiet* Hey, Sling... care for some company? *taps the control to open the door, quietly slipping in if no one stopped him*
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[early Monday morning]

[ecrypted log - private]

Well... that didn't go quite as expected. The whole test flight, an' all. First Aid was right that at least it wasn't WORSE, but... Primus. The thought of what could have happened? How badly I could have hurt Streets? It chills my fuel lines -- it really does.

An' then there's all this... stuff going on with Rewind. I... I dunno why it bugs me so much. I feel like he's... elbowing in on me an' Streets. Between me an' Streets. 's silly, I know. I mean, Streets is my best friend, an' even Aid said so, an' said I meant a lot to him an such...

That made me feel odd in a different way. Like... my engine was runnin' smoothly... warm. Weird. I mean... I do think Streets is the best, and he's my very best friend in all the world and all... an' I'd HATE for anything to HAPPEN to him! Especially if it was my own damned fault. Along with my brothers, he's... he's the most important person TO me.

...Fraggit all... am I jealous of Rewind? Am I bein' selfish? Hogging Streetwise's time? I mean... Streetwise should be... ...IS allowed to see other mechs an have other friends and all. It's his choice, his right. Then... why do I still feel so fragging... It's as if I'm feeling... almost shunted aside. Pushed away. Threatened!

Yeah, it's ridiculous. I know. This shouldn't affect anythin'. This shouldn't affect my friendship with Streets. He likes me, I like him... we work well together! We've still got that picture prank to pull off, and all. I'm... (slag)... I'm sure we'll still be able to hang out together, no problems.

....beh. I think too much about this and I'm going to drive myself crazy. I'm goin' to bed...
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[Sunday midday]

*Air Raid had thankfully managed to go the night without waking up due to another nightmare... Silverbolt had been... patient enough to allow him to awkwardly snuggle up on the edge of his berth, for a little companionship that night. Nothing MORE of it than simply another body nearby -- much like the young child that sought out his parents, or older siblings after having a nightmare. Air Raid was usually too proud to admit such a need, most of the time... but the destruction of JFK airport had left him badly shaken... enough to drop his act and seek out his brother's comforting presence.*

*After getting his morning ration of energon, he transferred the photos he'd taken of Blades and Slingshot onto a small disc, then grabbed the two printouts he'd made earlier, and made his way to the Protectobots' quarters. Standing in front of the door, he grinned, pressing the buzzer, hoping Streetwise was in*

[comm: Streets] Yo, Streets! Ready to make a little mischief? *chuckles*[/comm]
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[Friday - mid-afternoon; some time before Bolt's call to the others]

[encrypted personal log]

Why are we doing this? I mean... I KNOW why... We're Autobots. We help. That's our programming. I just mean... I'm a fighter. I'm not built for construction or rescue efforts. There's no one else here to help, though... it'd take others far too long to even GET here, and these people need the help NOW, so...

I just don't know what I'm doing, honestly. I feel more like I'm in the way than anything. I can't really help, aside from lift and move things too heavy for humans to move.

Humans... Primus... They're so small and fragile! It doesn't take much to HURT them. And... there's just so much DAMAGE about. For the most part, I'm out of the way of most of the rescue effort... They've got me pulling up beams here... pushing back walls there... But every so often, I'll uncover a body. I don't know enough about humans to be able to tell if they're alive or dead. Sometimes it's hard to tell. I just yell out when I find one. I mean... sometimes I can tell. Our bodies are designed to be able to twist and bend and even come apart. Humans... aren't. And all that squishiness! Ugh. I shudder when it's messy. And when I find the odd human body apart like that.

But... these humans... So delicate and weak... They run in there, to each body I uncover... apart or whole or messy or clean or twisted or not... and they just get to work on saving them as best they can. They check the bodies, administer care, set bones and everything... while I'm trying not to purge my tanks while I make sure nothin' falls on 'em, or move stuff so the rescue workers can get AT them easier.

... So fragging weak, but so fragging strong at the same time. I've never really paid attention to humans like this... before now.


Jun. 26th, 2008 08:28 am
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Hey, Fireflight! I've got some photos here that I think you'll love! Come drop by my room when you can, 'kay?

((OOC: d'oh! Edited to add... this is probably some point during Thursday, time-wise.))
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*grins to himself as he sat at his desk* Bolt wants a report? I'll give him a report... *sits back a moment, going back in his memories, then grins and starts to type. About three -- maybe four -- hours later, or so, he sat back from his keyboard, grinning, and hit 'send', then commed Silverbolt*

Hey, Bolt... just wrote up my report. It should be waitin' for you in your inbox. *just barely manages to keep the grin out of his tone*

Air Raid's Awesome Antarctica Reconnaissance Report )
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*exhaustion coupled with the energon he'd taken in before going to sleep had kept Air Raid blissfully ignorant of all the noise going on in the aerie... for a while, anyway. After a couple hours of recharge, though, the blare from the televsion started intruding in upon his audios... rousing him. Groaning, he sat up, then stumbled into the Aerialbot's common room*

*grumbles?* Is it too much to ask a poor, tired mech for some quiet?

*he moved over to the couch, at first intent on telling asking Slingshot to turn it down, or turn it off himself if the Harrier had passed out on the floor. He was confused to find no one there, and switched off the TV, looking about*

Ehh... guess he went off to his room, or somethin'. Why'd he leave the TV on, then? Bolt's gonna have a fit if he finds out that Sling left the TV on again. *chuckles faintly*
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[personal log]

Well, I'm back home, and things are still just as crazy as they ever were. Slingshot and Silverbolt are still buttin' heads about who-knows-what. Heh. Does it even matter? Flight's all in a tizzy about one of these fish he got as pets - I guess - dying on him. I even offered to give the silly thing a funeral, to try and make Flight feel better, but... eh. That idea fell through. Guess Flight just needs to cry it out, probably on Bolt's shoulder.

Flight's got this trip to China planned... I'm stayin' put, though. I've had enough long-distance flying for a while, thanks. X3 Anyway... I'm all filled-up with energon, and my berth's callin'. Barring any emergencies, hopefully I can sleep right through the day.
[/personal log]
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Or at least, the End of the TF Blogs.

This post marks the END of role-play in the [ profile] tfblogs universe. Anything prior to this date was part of role-play in that game (and what a crazy, fun thrill-ride that was! X3 Heh. You shall be missed. *doffs hat*)

Any posts done AFTER this date, are a part of the [ profile] autobotdress role-play universe. :) Some traits of how I played Air Raid will be carried over, there... so expect a little random goofiness from him, every now and again. ^_~
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*is walking down the hall back to his quarters, grinning widely, tossing a small bag up and down in his hands playfully* Heh... gotta have you nice and clean and shiny, for good luck y'know. I'm sure Hoist won't mind me borrowing a little soap and polish to get you all sparkly...

*Stops abruptly, staring in confusion at the yells he can hear... blinking and jumping back, pressing himself against the wall as a big, black, unknown mech runs past, carrying an unconcious Genatria. Then he sees a small, scrawny mess of limbs pulling the lower half of a silver body down another hallway. The bag drops to the floor, unnoticed, forgotten, and he jogs into his room*

[scomm: Aerialbots, Protectobots] Er... guys? Did we invite everyone in to one massive play with the lively and runty puppy, or have I just ingested a batch of very bad energon...? O__O; [/scomm]

((OOC: ETA... the contents in the bag Raid had is not Turbo... But anyone's welcome to find it and/or eat the contents. xD [they're not NORMALLY edible... but I bet some certain 'bots - Dinos or minis, take your pick - wouldn't be able to tell the difference. X3]))
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Yo, Dale!

Are we gonna get back to playing with the puppy any time soon? I know the Princess is way too distracted... the Brain's got his nose buried in his books... but hopefully the REST of us can still have some fun with the runty puppy! Well, unless Bambi's off deep in the forest again, or somethin'. *lol*

Or at least, join me for some Tea for Two? ^__~

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Found these scrolling back through others journals... heh. Some of the results are hilarious! XD

on to the meme-ness! )
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BOO! )
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From the Interview meme... the questions asked of me! Will be updated as more respond.

Questions from Genatria! )

Questions from Sunstreaker! )

Questions from Miz Frostbite! )

Questions from First Aid! )

Questions from Grimlock! )

More answers when the others respond to my request-to-be-interviewed.


Jul. 11th, 2007 05:29 pm
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Heh... this looks like a lotta fun! X3

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5.When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them fivequestions. And thus the endless cycle of the meme goes on and on and onand on...

I asked a couple o' people already.... Gonna post my answers to their questions later.
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These things are a riot! XD

quizzes behind the cut! )
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...My VERY first post on this journal... ...and it's an OOC tag, with this big LINE across it. *laughs* Heh... Well... it's MY line. And I shall call him Liney. And he shall be mine. And he shall be my Liney. X3
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