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[Friday - mid-afternoon; some time before Bolt's call to the others]

[encrypted personal log]

Why are we doing this? I mean... I KNOW why... We're Autobots. We help. That's our programming. I just mean... I'm a fighter. I'm not built for construction or rescue efforts. There's no one else here to help, though... it'd take others far too long to even GET here, and these people need the help NOW, so...

I just don't know what I'm doing, honestly. I feel more like I'm in the way than anything. I can't really help, aside from lift and move things too heavy for humans to move.

Humans... Primus... They're so small and fragile! It doesn't take much to HURT them. And... there's just so much DAMAGE about. For the most part, I'm out of the way of most of the rescue effort... They've got me pulling up beams here... pushing back walls there... But every so often, I'll uncover a body. I don't know enough about humans to be able to tell if they're alive or dead. Sometimes it's hard to tell. I just yell out when I find one. I mean... sometimes I can tell. Our bodies are designed to be able to twist and bend and even come apart. Humans... aren't. And all that squishiness! Ugh. I shudder when it's messy. And when I find the odd human body apart like that.

But... these humans... So delicate and weak... They run in there, to each body I uncover... apart or whole or messy or clean or twisted or not... and they just get to work on saving them as best they can. They check the bodies, administer care, set bones and everything... while I'm trying not to purge my tanks while I make sure nothin' falls on 'em, or move stuff so the rescue workers can get AT them easier.

... So fragging weak, but so fragging strong at the same time. I've never really paid attention to humans like this... before now.
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