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*grins to himself as he sat at his desk* Bolt wants a report? I'll give him a report... *sits back a moment, going back in his memories, then grins and starts to type. About three -- maybe four -- hours later, or so, he sat back from his keyboard, grinning, and hit 'send', then commed Silverbolt*

Hey, Bolt... just wrote up my report. It should be waitin' for you in your inbox. *just barely manages to keep the grin out of his tone*

Air Raid's Awesome Antarctica Reconnaissance Report*

Day 1 -- Started off on this crazy trip. Flyin' straight down the North and South American coasts for the most part. Took off from the Ark an' headed straight southeast, landing in El Paso, Texas, about an hour later. Downed a cube of high grade, then took off again. Landed an hour later in Mexico City for another refueling break. Hour later, I stop off somewhere in Nicaragua. Hour after that, another refueling break in Bogota, Columbia. (... hey. I'm flyin' top speed, here... and I've only got a range of 1500 miles. Gotta keep the tanks topped off!) From there, it's another hour to Lima, Peru. Hoppin' over the Andes, I take another pitstop at Lake Titicaca (*snerkgiggle* Titty caca. xD) in Bolivia. Another hour later and I'm in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Y'know... I might actually ENJOY all the sights I'm seeing on my way down here if I wasn't friggin' on a reconnassance mission to Antarctica, but... ah well. Last stop before the land of the cold is a quick reststop in Stanley, on the Falkland Islands... and then I FINALLY get to my destination... a region known as 'Palmer Land' - or is this 'Graham Land'? - in Antarctica. And now it is late, and the sun's already long set down here... so I'm findin' a safe spot and fragging recharging.

Day 2 -- Woke up... Oh, by the way... there was NO sign of Decepticon activity on my way down. Not even HERE, in the ironically named Deception Island! Okay... that cleared out of the way, I started my patrol of Antarctica. Headin' around in a... roughly western direction, following the coast. Gonna try and time it so that I make it BACK to this spot by the time I can head home.

Day 3 -- It's more rocky here than I thought it'd be. Well, along some parts of the coast, at least. There's a bunch of mountains off in the distance, too. I'll check 'em out later. Right now I'm flying over the Wallgreen Coast, heading west over Marie Byrd Land. Nothin' really fancy to speak of, here. Saw the Aurora Australis tonight, though. Wow. And I mean... WOW!

Day 4 -- Flew out over the Ross Sea, to check out Ross Island, and the volcanos there. Never know if the Cons have tapped it for energy. Well, no Decepticons. TONS of penguins, though! Odd, squat little things. Took a couple photos of 'em for Fireflight -- he'd like 'em, I think. Went on to check out Mount Erebus for Decepticon activity... None at all... Tapped a little of the heat energy comin' off of it to top off my own energon reserves.

Day 5 -- Flew over Victoria Land region on the east side of the continent. At least, I think it's the east side of the continent... It's just south of New Zeland... I know that. I mean... I can't even go 'south east' or 'north east'... EVERY flippin' way down here is "north!"

Decided to try ice-sksating on Lake Fryxell. More slid/scraped my way along that actually skated. Awesomeness, though. We need to figure out some way of making Autobot-sized ice skates. For real. We could get two whole hockey teams together an' go at it. Slappin' pucks and board-checking and fights and all that stuff! It'd be awesome!

Day 6 -- Flew inland a ways, to check out the mountain ranges. BRRRRRRRR!! Holy FRAG is it cold up in these mountains! Flew out to stop at the South Pole. That played havoc with a couple of my sensors... and... sheesh. Nothing but ICE... Huge, HUGE ice sheet over the mountain range, here. I don't even know how far deep it goes. I do know it practically covers the whole continent, though.

First went off to the geographic South Pole... Not much really to SPEAK of, there. Then I went off to the Ceremonial South Pole. MUCH more interesting, there! Set up my camera to take a photo of myself while I was there in both spots. There weren't any humans about... not even at the Ceremonial site! Fraggit... I could have used someone to talk to. :/

Day 7 -- Flew back towards the coastline again. I... Holy frag. There is nothing out here. No signs of Cons... nothin'! Just... miles and miles and MILES of ice sheets!

Day 8 -- Finally got back to the coastline... somewhere 'round Adelie coast, I think? Or is this Banzare coast, now? hn. Does it make a difference? I'm not pickin' up any Con signals... Not picking up any signals, period!

Day 9 -- Headed along the coastline for a while. Saw absolutely nothing. And I MEAN "absolutely nothing". Except for, of course... snow, ice, rocks, dirt, sky, clouds, and sea. Well... guess that means I didn't see nothing... But certainly nothing interesting.

Day 10 -- Decided to circle back towards the South Pole... do a couple sweeps of the massive ice sheets over Wilkes Land. Y'know, just... circle about. See if there are any caves or holes or such the 'Cons might have dug.

Day 11 -- More ice and more ice and more ice. And some mountains. Circlin' 'round the interior a little on... one of the coastlines. Not true interior... I mean, not the CENTER of the fraggin' continent, but... inward from land. Can't see the beach, at least. Cold, windy.... DRY! I mean, way more dry than you'd think, for all the ice and cold and all.

Day 12 -- I'm gettin' really turned around, here. Compass doesn't really help. South is... back in towards the sheets and miles of nothing.... I'm just flying in one big CIRCLE around the coastline... but in the interior of the continent, here? White in every single direction! No real landmarks I can see!

Day 13 -- Okay... going back to the coast. There's no WAY the Decepticons could find anything of interest here on the ice sheets. Radar's pickin' up nothin'.

Day 14 -- Flyin' along the coast... think I see some more penguins... even a few seals, down there on the surface. I dunno. They're tiny, they're small... sparse... scattered... Maybe my optics are playing tricks on me, and those are just ROCKS down there on the beach. Hn.

Day 15 -- Headin' around Enderby Land, now... flyin' inland a bit... Will head back to the coast tonight.

Day 16 -- Goin' around the various "Princess" coasts. Nothin' of interest to report.

Day 17 -- *set to the 'Meow Mix' jingle tune*

Bored, bored, bored, bored.
Bored, bored, bored, bored.
Bored, bored bored bored
BORED bored bored bored.

Day 18 -- Found a colony of Emperor penguins. Snapped two pictures for Fireflight.

Day 19 -- Comin' back around Coats Land. Nothin' of interest to report.


Day 21 -- *see entry 1, reverse order.*

Day 22 -- Home, home, wonderful home! Fresh energon and my own berth! Yay!


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