Aug. 21st, 2008

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[early Monday morning]

[ecrypted log - private]

Well... that didn't go quite as expected. The whole test flight, an' all. First Aid was right that at least it wasn't WORSE, but... Primus. The thought of what could have happened? How badly I could have hurt Streets? It chills my fuel lines -- it really does.

An' then there's all this... stuff going on with Rewind. I... I dunno why it bugs me so much. I feel like he's... elbowing in on me an' Streets. Between me an' Streets. 's silly, I know. I mean, Streets is my best friend, an' even Aid said so, an' said I meant a lot to him an such...

That made me feel odd in a different way. Like... my engine was runnin' smoothly... warm. Weird. I mean... I do think Streets is the best, and he's my very best friend in all the world and all... an' I'd HATE for anything to HAPPEN to him! Especially if it was my own damned fault. Along with my brothers, he's... he's the most important person TO me.

...Fraggit all... am I jealous of Rewind? Am I bein' selfish? Hogging Streetwise's time? I mean... Streetwise should be... ...IS allowed to see other mechs an have other friends and all. It's his choice, his right. Then... why do I still feel so fragging... It's as if I'm feeling... almost shunted aside. Pushed away. Threatened!

Yeah, it's ridiculous. I know. This shouldn't affect anythin'. This shouldn't affect my friendship with Streets. He likes me, I like him... we work well together! We've still got that picture prank to pull off, and all. I'm... (slag)... I'm sure we'll still be able to hang out together, no problems.

....beh. I think too much about this and I'm going to drive myself crazy. I'm goin' to bed...


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