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From the Interview meme... the questions asked of me! Will be updated as more respond.

[ profile] silenceandpsych's questions:

1) Ehm... How old are you?
2) Know any different languages?
3) Hobbies?
4) Which do you prefer: stuff or things?
5) And what be your rank in this Den of Insanity, hm?

1) I'm actually only around 20 Earth years old. Still just a "sparkling". XD I'll be a kid-at-heart forever, though. o/`` I don't wanna grow up... o/`` ^_~

2) Well, it's a pretty easy thing for us to learn other languages, being robots and all. xD Aside from English and Cybertronian, I've picked up a smattering of Middle Eastern languages, Japanese, some European languages. I keep getting poked, sometimes, to start DLing other alien language databanks, but I think it's kinda moot while I'm stationed on Earth, yanno.

3) Aside from bugging my brothers/persons in authority/whoever I feel needs to be poked? *grin* Well, I love flying. xD Stunt flying, mostly. Y'know, dives, rolls, etc. But just simply being up in the air at any given point is awesome.

I have another hobby, but that's top-secret, hush-hush, need-to-know basis. A fighter must keep his secrets. ^__~

4) Hm. "Things" can be anything. From junk to chairs to leaves to used-up oil cans to 'oh my Primus what's that thing over there!?' STUFF however... Stuff is... STUFF. Goodies. Knick-knacks. Toys. Collectables. Fun stuff. Stuff you want to buy. I like "stuff". X3 (And NO, Pipes... For the last time, I am not selling you my "Top Gun" cap and pin. Get off my back, okay?!)

5) Hmm... my rank, hm? "Kamikaze sensei", for one. "Chief Annoyance", if you ask `Bolt. X3

[ profile] golden_ego's questions:

1. Just how often do you get confused as Skywarp?
2. What is your weakness?
3. How long can you last in between recharging?
4. What is your favorite hobby?
5. Do you have any fears?

1) More often than I like, that's for sure. :P Quick lesson, everyone... Skywarp's black and PURPLE! I'm black and WHITE... with some red and yellow trim! Of course it's fun when SKYWARP'S the one getting confused as me, and the Cons end up targeting him! xD

2) Me? Weakness? No such thing! xD Well... okay. Maaaaaaaybe I could stand with not rushing headlong into battle all the time. But I'd loose the element of surprise that way! D:

3) ... y'know, I've never really thought about it. Or timed it, really. Flying half-way around the world'll wear me out... but if I fuel up when I land, I'm okay for a little while at least. Heh. Experiment time! Gonna see how long I can go without sleep, now! :3

4) Didn't Gen already ask me this? Oh. You're asking about my 'favourite'. Hm. Well, like I told her. Flying! :)

5) Nah. I'm pretty much fearless. xD I guess, if I can be ALLOWED to be "sappy", it'd be loosing all of my brothers, friends, etc... ending up on my own, alone. I don't like feeling helpless. :(

I also don't like tight, enclosed spaces much, but I think that's something every flier doesn't like. :/

[ profile] legalgrounds's questions:

1) What would you consider a greater thrill? Racing through the winds and turns of the Grand Canyon with a pack of other fliers or playing Storm Tag in a hurricane?
2) Favorite spot on Earth to visit?
3) Are you space capable, as in capable of breaking atmosphere in F-15 mode and operating in vacuum as a spacefighter as well? If not, would you consider getting upgrades such as aerospikes to make this possible in the future?
4) Worst weather you’ve ever flown in?
5) How many mugs of high grade can you handle before you fall unconscious?

1) mmm... definately the more FUN thing is racing through the Grand Canyon. You just can't get bored with it! X3 So many sharp turns, and winds buffeting you... tight spaces to manuever in... Heh. It really gives you a good challenge. Playing Storm Tag in a hurricane is just a nuissance! @_x; A thrill, yeah... but it kinda takes the fun outta things when you're fighting just to stay airborne! Not to mention you're getting tossed around like a toy inside a giant blender. x_X

2) I gotta admit, I like places with mountains, and cliffs, and similar stuff that I can blast past and dart about in. X3 The Cascades and the Rockies are cool for local stuff. Further out, the Alps and other big mountain ranges are cool, too. And yeah -- gotta agree with Flight in that it looks nice, too.

When I get the urge for some big, grand stunts, though... I like to go a few miles off-shore, over the Pacific. Nothing but the sky and the ocean forever! Heh. No worries about crashing into anything there. Well, save the possibility of stalling out and doing one fantastic belly-flop. *lol*

3) Naw, I can't break into orbit. Never tried to fly out there, once I was in space, either. I've heard Screamer's done it, though, so how hard can it be? XD (Hey, Dive... what are aerospikes?)

4) Ug. I think it was some low-level recon somewhere in Pacific/South Asia... during monsoon season. Nothing but rain, rain, RAIN all the time. With your occassional hurricane. Give or take a typhoon. Bleh. Honestly... I couldn't see ten feet in front of my nose cone, I was constantly drenched, the weather was hot and muggy... Not fun.

5) *big grin* Y'know... I've never really COUNTED. Okay! This calls for some experimentation! XD Party in the lounge and keep the high grade comin'! XD

[ profile] 1st_aid_kit's questions:

1. What is your favorite part about being a jet?
2. What is your least favorite part about being a jet?
3. So...why do you choose to follow as few rules as possible, hrm?
4. Where did you learn most of your flying skills?
5. Do you feel your brother tend to compliment you or contrast with you as teammates?

1) What's not to like?! XD The total FREEDOM of it all... of flying... moving in all 3 dimentions! Looping, rolling, climbing, diving... The THRILL of each stunt as I pull it off successfully... the FEEL of the wind whipping over my wings! It's a complete and total rush! I wouldn't give it up for anything! :D

2) hn. This required some more thought. I'd... have to say the high speed crash is definately no fun. :/ But hey... if you're talented enough, you won't crash (as much, at least). ^.^;

3) Hey... I follow the rules! Gravity, physics, etc... X3 As for the others, well... all part of the thrill and risk of living. When things get boring, I have to spice my life up SOMEhow, right? ^__~

4) Either watching movies, watching air shows, or flying with Skydive. Though... flying alongside Fireflight has made me develop some pretty interesting flying skills, too. xD *lol* Mostly, it's really been all self-taught stuff. "Learn-as-you-go", y'know?

5) Hooo... bit of both, really. Bit of both is actually good, too. When we need to pull off something quickly, smoothly... having a teammate that compliments me is definately an asset. Same for some fast-paced furballs. Don't need to worry too much about WHO is flying WHERE, or WHAT they're doing. Be a good wingman, right? Y'can move more on instinct... I can go as fast or as crazy as I want, or need to... and if one of my bros can compliment those skills... I don't need to WORRY too much 'bout 'em, and worry 'bout the task at hand. Dive's usually good for that. He's a great compliment to any team. He'll adjust his style to match and support yours as needed. Flight's a good wingman, too, when he puts his mind to it. He'll keep a good eye on me, and around me... picking off random shots so I don't get too distracted from my targets.

Contrasts, now... They can be helpful, if the situation's right. I'm mean, I'm all about surprise and bravado! The tiny little details, though... heh. Not one of my stronger skills. ^_^;; That's when Dive can switch over from 'compliment' to 'contrast'... and pick up the slack. Balance out the fighting styles, y'see? I fill out one end, Dive fills out the other... and we meet in the middle. X3 Sling -- when he's not off one on of his stupid 'showmanship' moments that is -- can manage to be a decent 'contrast' partner, too. He's got a better eye for markmanship (but don't ever TELL him that or you'll never hear the end of it!) I go after the BIG targets... Sling comes up behind me and sweeps up the smaller targets.

'Course, this is all IF said 'compliment' and 'contrast' styles actually WORK. If they don't, well... it's a chaotic mess up there, lemmie tell you. :/ When it's NOT working, I'd say 'contrast' is definately worse than compliment.

As far as each brother goes..? Flight kind of hovers between the two, but tends to support me better. I'd say he compliments my style more than contrasts with it.

Sling can flip-flop. Unintentionally, of course. XD When he's grandstanding, you could say he's "complimenting" my style, but we're contrasting like WHOA. XD We actually work better when he's conciously contrasting his style to mine. So... contrast. Definately.

`Bolt's a contrast, too. So... restrained and 'by the books' and modest and all! *laughs* We take totally different approaches to fighting, definately.

Dive, I would say, is a total compliment to my style. He can switch to a 'contrasting' style when he needs to, but... in that... it's usually to really help me out... support me, so... yeah. He really compliments my fighting style. Heck -- he compliments ALL of us! (and I can tell you right now... his faceplates have gone from orange to SUCH a dark red, it's hilarious! xD)

That answer your question, Aid? XD

[ profile] 2fast_2sweet's questions:

1) Why you have airplane backpack?
2) Does it bug Airplane team that it take five of you to be as strong as one Dinobot?
3) Why your leader afraid of heights. Leader should be afraid of NOTHING! Except Hubcap. Him creepy.
4) Grimlock hear everyone talk about cartoons. Where Grimlock find cartoon DVDs on Ark?
5) Grimlock want Airbot's honest opinion... Jung or Freud?

1) Well, it's kind of my kibble, Grimster. X3 I have to transform into something, and that's where most of it all ended up when I'm in robot mode! *lol* Hey... it at least can function as a jet pack, when I'm in robot mode... as opposed to a lot of other mechs' kibble just being mere decoration. X3

2) Well... as strong as two Dinobots... maybe three, depending on the 'bots. ^_~ *grin* But naahh... doesn't particularly bother us. :) Except for Slingshot, perhaps... but then EVERYTHING bothers him! XD

3) Hey, he's gettin' better. At least it doesn't interfere with his duties or anymore, now. And come on. Everyone's afraid of somethin'. You're afraid of Hubcap, apparantly. ^.^ (with good reason, of course)

4) Hm. Well, I think there are some box sets in the lounge for mechs to borrow and/or view as they like. Otherwise, you'd have to ask various Autobots to see what they have.

5) ... as I don't know who either of those two are... or WHAT they even are... I'm afraid I can't answer you there, Grimster. ^.^;;

More answers when the others respond to my request-to-be-interviewed.

Date: 2007-07-29 02:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey Buddy! Aid said you were askin' for me?

Date: 2007-07-29 03:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*POKES* YES. Where the slag have you been, man? I haven't seen hide nor hair of you the last little while. What have you been doing? I somehow doubt you've been watching the peep show for this long. :P Did you find Neverland, or something?

Well... anyway... Interview me! xD Then I can interview you. X3


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